Micro Influencers: Your Marketing Secret Weapon

What is a micro-influencer, you ask? Technically any content creator on instagram with a following of 100k and under. Their engagement is through the roof compared to some bigger influencers and they have their followings trust like that of a close friend. Micro-influencers have seven times more engagement with followers than those with large followings ( Trust is everything and these influencer's have that in the bag. Nearly 2/3 (63%) of businesses who do budget for influencer marketing intend to increase their spending over the next 12 months, with 17% expecting their influencer marketing spend to remain the same. (influencerhub survey) Read on to find out why.

Today's Consumer is Smart

Influencer marketing is lightyears away from the traditional route. Brands have to let go and give real people the reins. Real feedback from your chosen influencers is key. Trust is everything and consumers can see right through scripted advertisements. They want tips and advice like it's from a close, trusted friend. “For influencer marketing to sustain, authenticity and credibility is key.” says Priyanka Dayal, content marketing manager at Centaur Media PLC.

Return on Investment, Baby!

"Various firms have also measured influencer marketing ROI to be 11X higher than other forms of digital marketing yielding between $5.20 to $6.50 for every one dollar spent." according to .

Still Need Convincing?

Seriously? Well ok. Check out these stats from Streamline Marketing:

  • The influencer marketing industry will reach between $5 and $10 billion by 2022

  • 93% of marketers use social media influencers

  • Approximately 70% of marketers use influencers for content promotion and product launches

  • 84% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is successful

  • 36% of marketers use micro-influencers

  • 30% of marketers use high-tier influencers and celebrities

  • Micro-influencers have seven times more engagement with followers than those with large followings

  • 39% of marketers increased their influencer marketing budgets in 2019

  • 54% of marketers plan to spend over $250,000 on influencer marketing in 2019

  • Only 34% of marketers manage their influencer campaigns in house

  • 89% of marketers use engagement to measure the success of campaigns

  • 63% of marketers use clicks and conversions to measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns

  • 68% of marketers say Instagram is the most important social media platform for their campaigns

  • 57% of marketers say influencer content outperforms their own brand content

  • 35% of marketers say influencer marketing has the best return on investment

  • 87% of marketers want influencers to publish their own original content

(1. SocialPubli 2019 Influencer Marketing Report, 2. Linqia’s The State of Influencer Marketing 2019 Survey, and 3. Rakuten’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Global Survey.)

Leave the Search to Us

Micro-influencer marketing is clearly a no-brainer for your 2021 plan. Clementine & Moon offers an influencer outreach program option with any social media management package. We do all of the research, the pitching and the planning. Your company reaps the rewards. Want to know more? Schedule a call with our team!

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