Meet the team!

Clementine and Moon is a collaboration between Mandy Clementine of Clementine’s Photography and Candace Ramirez of Moon Honey Media. The two met in 2019 to collaborate on a photoshoot and realized instantly that their aligned values and complementary skillsets would make them a powerful team. Together, they help their fellow boss babes bring their dream businesses to life.

Get to know us

Clementine & Moon is a collaboration between two experienced Seattle-area boss babes-- a photographer and a writer each with creative businesses of their own, who share a common goal: helping women-run small businesses grow and thrive through thoughtful branding and content.


Hey babes! I’m Candace…

a Seattle-based content strategist for creative women-run small businesses. With nearly a decade of experience in her industry, I have a keen sense of what works, what doesn’t, and what feels authentic.

I started my own content management business, Moon Honey Media, in 2019 to empower women to make their business dreams a reality.

I discovered my passion for writing early. I was that one nerd in high school who got excited about writing essays while the other kids groaned. Writing always felt like a fun puzzle for me.

I got my start in college as editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. I covered music festivals like Bonnaroo, where I noticed the PR and content folks had the coolest jobs. So I switched majors and that was that!

Since then, I’ve worked with tech companies, agencies, and an ever-growing roster of women-run small businesses. The latter, it turns out, is my passion and zone of genius.

I’m a content strategist for the unapologetically unique boss babe. I know the more you put your authentic self out there, the easier it will be to find your people.

I live just outside Seattle with my boyfriend and our sweet golden retriever Dolly. (Yes, after Dolly Parton.) I spend my free time learning new content and social media tricks, catching concerts, and exploring in the mountains with my little family.

Meet Mandy:

My name is Mandy Clementine... I'm a visual storyteller & lover of lives lived to the fullest. I started my photography journey with weddings in 2009! Aside from the the obvious reasons (weddings being just one big love fest) I found myself drawn to the color pallets, fonts & designs of each wedding the most. They're essentially branded to the bride and groom. Embracing branding photography in general seemed like the obvious next step.

Working with dreamers and doers is what sets my heart on fire! I love being a part of changing the trajectory of someone's life. There's a certain confidence that comes after a boss bitch photo shoot with a real photographer. It'll spill into every other aspect of your life. That energy is infectious and addictive to be a part of!

When I'm not toting around my camera gear & making brand magic, I can often be found estate sale hopping, getting my Martha Stewart Pinterest queen on & crafting up a storm. Painting, decorating, sewing and buying obscene amounts of throw pillows.

I live with in Bothell, WA with the man of my dreams & together we have three kids! I have an eight year old boy & two bonus daughters that are four & seven. To say I'm rich in the love department would be an understatement.

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