The Real-Real on Reels

When reels began, the algorithm secrets where more of a mystery to instagram users than

ever. The technology was new to the platform and while it's strategy was elusive as ever, one thing was clear - it was being favored over still posts, stories AND IGTV. The success rate of reels remains superior to other forms of posting and now we have algorithm hacks from the horses mouth! Instagram has kindly bestowed upon us some hacks to stay on top of the reel algorithm. Read on to learn more, hunny!

Create Fresh Content for the 'Gram

The algorithm will now deprioritize Reels made in TikTok with a TikTok watermark, and favor original Reels content instead. Sure, this might complicate things for your workflow, but now content creators have the push to do more of what they do best! Create original, dynamic content!

Videos That Won't Get Visibility:

  • Blurry, fuzzy, low quality videos

  • Videos with clear watermarks - especially from competing apps like tiktok

  • Uninteresting, unfunny, unentertaining content.

  • Uploaded with a border around it

  • Mostly covered image by text

Videos That WILL get Visibility:

  • content that is entertaining and fun! Surprise twists, makes people laugh, delights people or grabs attention

  • inspiring, i.e. creates a trend that others can easily participate in

  • uses creative tools like filters, text or stickers

  • uses a vertical video

  • uses custom uploaded sound or music from the instagram library

  • content where the creator is having fun and being genuine or creative!

Ready to get "Reel"?

Ready to get real with your reels? Clementine and Moon offers options for reel scripts, prompts and scheduling tools in our social media management packages! Schedule your call with us today here!

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